The product listing below is a sample of products available in the Stobielast® S portfolio. Let us help you find – or develop – the perfect product for your application. Please call us or use the contact page for product assistance.

Product NameViscosityDescriptionTypical Application
Binders & AdhesivesStobielast® S 116ThixotropicSeam AdhesiveArtificial Turf Seams
Stobielast® S 150ThixotropicAdhesiveArtificial Turf
Stobielast® S 1017.10ThixotropicAdhesiveArtificial Turf
Stobielast® S 1313900Standard BinderElastic Layers
Stobielast® S 131.094200Track Binder with Longer Open Time & Faster Backed CureElastic Layers and Running Tracks
Stobielast® S 113.xx*14300AdhesiveIndoor Surfacing
Stobielast® S 1353500Standard Track BinderRunning Tracks
Stobielast® S 0153000Standard BinderSafety Surfacing
Stobielast® S 1334200Standard BinderSafety Surfacing
Stobielast® S 1364200Binder for Mild and Humid ClimateSafety Surfacing
Stobielast® S 136.994500Binder for Mild and Arid ClimateSafety Surfacing
Stobielast® S 1066500Binder for Hot and Humid climateSafety Surfacing
Stobielast® S 106.996500Binder for Hot and Arid ClimateSafety Surfacing
Coatings & ElastomersStobielast® S 147.xx1300Flow CoatIndoor Surfacing
Stobielast® S 165.0xx*N/ASolvent Based Top CoatIndoor Surfacing
Stobielast® S 164.xx*3500Water Based Top CoatIndoor Surfacing
Stobielast® S 154.xx*2400Flow CoatRunning Tracks
Stobielast® S 125.xx*1500Structural SprayRunning Tracks
Stobielast® S 127.xx*2400Structural SprayRunning Tracks
Stobielast® S 161.xx*N/AAliphatic TopcoatSafety Surfacing, Running Tracks
Stobielast® S 004.xx*2000Rubber ColorantRubber Coating
Stobielast® S 140.xx*1600Flow CoatTennis Courts
Primers & SealersStobielast® S 129.xx*ThixotropicPore SealerIndoor Surfacing
Stobielast® S 128.xx*ThixotropicPore SealerRunning Tracks
Stobielast® S 0801000Solvent Free PrimerSafety Surfacing, Running Tracks
Stobielast® S 10020PrimerSafety Surfacing, Running Tracks
Line Marking PaintStobielast® S 066.xx*N/ALine PaintIndoor Surfacing
Stobielast® S 166.xx*N/ALine PaintIndoor Surfacing, Outdoor Surfacing