Area Elastic Indoor System

Stobigym® 26.2.1 W

The Stobigym® 26.2.1 W system is a non porous system perfect for a wide variety of indoor sports and leisure activities. Stobigym® 26.2.1 W fulfills all requirements for EN 14904, EN 13501-1, and IHF certification.

Please note the products listed in the chart below are an example of our selection within our Stobielast® S portfolio, and other options are available depending on location, climate, and project requirements. Please call us or use the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website for product selection assistance.  

1Base LayerPlywood
2Choke CoatStobielast®S 129.36 (Pore Sealer)
3ElastomerStobielast® S 147.xx* (Elastomer)
4Top CoatStobielast® S 165.0xx* (Varnish)
Line Marking PaintStobielast® S 066.xx* / S 166.xx* (Line Marking Paint)
* Indicates Color Code