Sports & Leisure Applications

What do Stobitan® running tracks and artificial turf, Stobigym® indoor sports flooring, Stobisafe® playgrounds, and Stobiplay® tennis courts have in common? Stobielast® S products from STOCKMEIER Urethanes.

With years of experience, STOCKMEIER Urethanes has developed a variety of Stobielast® S products for the construction of sports and leisure flooring systems. Our Stobielast® S product line includes one and two component polyurethane elastomer binder systems, spray coatings, top coats and line paints for high performance sports and leisure surfaces. When used together in a specific order, Stobielast® S products offer secure running grip, optimum fall protection and elasticity, meeting all the characteristics of a modern and comfortable surface for sports, leisure and play.

Chelsea Eades - USA Track Team

Being a professional track athlete, the surface of a track is vital for runners. It determines the intensity of workouts, injury, and overall effectiveness. A track runner needs a surface that has the support to get them through their long season while staying healthy. In the end, a surface can dictate the athlete's future success in the sport!

Chelsea Eades

USA Track Team