Stobigym® 6.2.1

The Stobigym® 6.2.1 is a non-porous system perfect for a wide variety of indoor sports and leisure activities. Stobigym® 6.2.1 fulfils all requirements for IHF certification.

Please note the products listed in the chart below are an example of our selection within our Stobielast® S portfolio, and other options are available depending on location, climate, and project requirements. Please call us or use the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website for product selection assistance. 

1AdhesiveStobielast® S 113.03 (Adhesive)
2Base MatPrefabricated Rubber Mat
3Choke CoatStobielast®S 129.36 (Pore Sealer)
4ElastomerStobielast® S 147.xx* (Elastomer)
5Top CoatStobielast® S 165.0xx* / S 164.xx* (Varnish)
Line Marking PaintStobielast® S 066.xx* / S 166.xx* (Line Marking Paint)
* Indicates Color Code