Stobipur® F

Specialty Foams


Roller Shutters

This system is designed for use in the production of polyurethane rigid foam filled shutters and window profiles. These special formulation has been developed specifically to fill different profiles without deforming them even when small section and long lengths are required foam, provides perfect insulation with state-of-the-art impact resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent durability.


Orthopedic Block Foam

This rigid polyurethane foam system shows excellent insulation with 95% closed cells specially developed for the production of discontinuous block foam, the filling of hollow bodies and large volumes.


Decorative and Multi-Purpose Foam

We have a wide range of products ranging from 80 to 600 kg / m3, from interior and exterior application to architectural decoration application. These products have very good mechanical properties, smooth skin properties, high surface hardness and high wear resistance and good adhesion to facings.


HR Molded Flexible Foam

This system is designed for the production of flexible foams used in the automotive and furniture industry. It is suitable for production in the metal, epoxy and polyester molds. Desired hardness and elasticity can be obtained by adjusting the ratio of MDI base Isocyanate. It contains low VOC emissions. It has high mechanical properties like compression, tensile strenght and elongation.


Integral Skin Foam

This system is designed for the production of flexible and integral skin foams for the transportation industry as steering wheels, headrests, dashboards, and also for some spare parts of medical industry. It gives excellent impact resistance performance with very good abrasion resistance.


Pipeline Pigging Foam

These two-component polyurethane foams offer the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for foam pigging applications requiring high chemical and tear resistance.