Adhesives for Consumer Goods

Stobicoll® C

From sponges to cabinets, to washing machines and sofas, the possibilities for specialized adhesives are almost limitless in the furniture and consumer goods industries.

The Stobicoll® C product line includes one and two-component adhesives for a variety of uses in the consumer goods industry. The benefits during the process are quality, bond strength, durability, environment compatibility and short working cycles for efficient production. The benefits after processing include ensuring excellent temperature resistance, dimensional stability and resistance to humidity and moisture.

Stobicoll® C Products

The product listing below is only a sample of products in the Stobicoll® C portfolio and may be produced in select locations. Let us help you find – or develop – the perfect product for your application. Please call us or use the ‘Contact Us’ page on this website for product selection assistance.

Stobicoll® C 211

Two-component solvent free adhesive with fast setting time designed for adhering wood in the furniture industry

Stobicoll® C 215

Two-component adhesive with high tear strength designed for the furniture industry

Stobicoll® C 217

Two-component adhesive with low viscosity designed for use in household equipment covers

Stobicoll® C 221

Two-component solvent free transparent adhesive designed for the home goods industry