Two-component Stobicast Polyurethane Systems Excellent for Thermal Management

Published 11-10-2021

At this year's Productronica trade fair, our experts would like to draw attention to a few of our two-component polyurethane Stobicast® systems, all of which are characterized by high to very high thermal conductivity that are excellent for "thermal management"...i.e., the targeted and effective dissipation of lost heat.

Basically, the heat conduction of the Stobicast® systems are caused by inorganic fillers, which in turn causes an increase in viscosity and thus make processing more difficult. Therefore, it is recommended to process the compounds at elevated temperatures (e.g., 40 - 60° C) to increase the flowability.

Stobicast® L 792.64: High thermal conductivity of 0.91 W/mK as well as high heat resistance up to insulation class F (155° C) and approval for railroad applications (HL3).

Stobicast® L 792.64 is a tough-hard PU system with Shore D 60 and thus still well suited for electronics applications in general. At 3000 mPas at room temperature, the compound can still be processed well, although potting in warm conditions is preferable. The particularly heat-stable organic matrix results in very good heat aging characteristics with a temperature index of 159° C according to IEC 216. According to EN 45545 (railroad standard) follows a suitability for the highest class HL3. UL 94 V-0 at 2.0 mm.

Stobicast® L 807: Very high thermal conductivity of 1.6 W/mK

Renewable energies require a lot of power electronics. These are becoming smaller and smaller with the same or even higher power, so that more and more heat loss must be dissipated. One component in the combination of elements for dissipating the heat is the potting compound with the highest possible thermal conductivity. At 50 °C mixing temperature, the viscosity drops to a good flowing 1000 mPas. UL 94 V-0 are achieved even with 1.0 mm layer thickness. Shore hardness D 70.

Stobicast® series XP 0046 (customer-specific settings): Use in the production of batteries for electric vehicles with conductivities up to 3.5 W/mK.

The Stobicast® series XP 0046 includes customer-specific settings as an adhesive for fixing battery cells in the metal housing and their thermal bonding, as a potting compound for the various filling processes, and as a so-called "gap filler" for filling undercuts and other cavities. Due to the relative complexity of the applications, customer-specific settings have so far been prepared in close cooperation. Typical data sheets are available.

Our booth staff is looking forward to your visit and discussions with you!

Thomas Häusler, R&D Manager | Stobicast®

Armin Kahnert, Business Manager | Stobicast®

Dr. Heinz Salz, Sales Manager | Stobicast®

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