Restaurant’s front entrance appearance improved with aliphatic binder, Stobicoat® N 2070

Published 8-25-2021

Muskegon, Michigan’s downtown district is an old Lake Michigan manufacturing port that 30 years ago was run down and crime ridden. In the last 10 years, the city has spent millions of dollars improving the 12-block downtown area with new additions such as parks, a farmers’ market, shopping stores, restaurants, and breweries. Legends Bar and Grille owners Rick and Jason contacted Jay Oosterhouse, US Sales, about STOCKMEIER Urethanes surfacing options to enhance the front of their restaurant entrance which was brick and concrete. To reduce costs and decrease installation time by eliminating the removal and replacement of the existing surface, Stobicoat® N 2070 was the chosen solution.

The total surface area of the project was 120 square feet. One 50-pound bag of aggregate and one quart of N 2070 covered seven square feet of surface with a ¾” depth. Fifty pounds of aggregate was mixed at a time for 60 seconds per mix with a standard electric Imer mortar mixer. The total installation time was three hours including the clean-up.

Legends Bar and Grill Muskegon, Michigan

The advantages of urethane products used in combination with rock or rubber, or a combination of both, include:

  • Permeable surface which allows water to drain through rapidly

  • Average void space between 25-30%

  • A one-foot square area, two inches thick of rock/rubber/binder has been ASTM tested to drain 6000 gallons of water per hour

  • Flexibility allows the surface to withstand extreme heat, freeze and thaw cycles and not crack (unlike asphalt and concrete)

  • Recycled material can be used such as ground tires which saves millions of tires from filling landfills

  • Very slip resistant, especially when wet

  • Is mixed on site and poured in place (in-situ) without heavy equipment tearing up existing landscape