Increase productivity by over 50% with end cap filter adhesive, Stobicoll® F 468 

Published 8-18-21

During manufacturing, a leading global filter manufacturer’s production team was encountering multiple quality issues such as foaming, poor mix quality, and long curing times with their vendor’s product. After many attempts to resolve the issues with their current vendor, the STOCKMEIER Urethanes sales team was approached to review the process and products.

From the initial consultation, STOCKMEIER identified that the issues were linked to the mixing and dispensing equipment in tandem with the quality variation of their current material.

Working hand in hand with the customer, STOCKMEIER advised on the best process to convert the material supply. Testing began in STOCKMEIER’s fully equipped research and development laboratory. During adhesion testing, data showed that the Stobicoll® F 468 product improved the bond between the variety of end caps the customer was using which was the first big benefit.

STOCKMEIER then facilitated a discussion among a proven company for automated mixing and dispensing equipment. After trials were run, there was a large jump in productivity increasing production by over 50%. The second huge benefit.

STOCKMEIER was present during line trials, utilizing their core competence of not only being an adhesives supplier, but a supplier who provides comprehensive solutions. They were able to tailor the product to maximize the customer’s efficiency.  Furthermore, STOCKMEIER consulted on how to ensure the equipment and material work in harmony and how to set up best housekeeping practices.

With the comprehensive end solution, STOCKMEIER is happy to have earned the company's trust and will continue to maintain a long-lasting relationship utilizing their years of experience and knowledge in developing and manufacturing PURe Solutions. The refinements improved the customer’s margins, and they were able to quote on new business that was previously unattainable. With STOCKMEIER’s global reach, it allowed the customer to offer the same solutions at their manufacturing sites across the world. In the customer's words, "Moving to STOCKMEIER Urethanes was one of the best moves we ever made.”