Increase product physical property by 30% with a cast elastomer for filter end caps, Stobicoll® F 444

Published 09-27-2021

During manufacturing, a filter manufacturer’s production team was facing a variety of issues such as long wait times to release the product from the molds, wet spots in the mixture, inconsistency from batch to batch, and a high rejection rate with their vendor’s product.

polyurethane cast elastomer Stobicoll F 444With the advice and knowledge of a STOCKMEIER Urethanes’ sales team, the recommended Stobicoll® F 444 high strength, rapid demold cast elastomer specifically designed for end caps for filters was the solution to the customer’s problems.

The chosen product, Stobicoll® F 444, was proven to enhance the physical properties over the current material by over 30%. It gave a 50% reduction in the time to release from the mold. The prior material would often tear or stretch at a 12 minute demold whereas the STOCKMEIER material was able to release from the mold at 6 minutes without any issues. Shrinkage was minimal and within the customer’s tolerance.

From the beginning stage to implementation, STOCKMEIER worked alongside the customer, and an established automated mixing and dispensing equipment company, to be certain that the design of the equipment worked appropriately with the product to improve their manufacturing process.

STOCKMEIER delivered considerable cost downs, not only on productivity increase, but on material and scrap rates. There was a vast improvement of physical performance giving better tear elongation and tensile strength as well as increased industry approvals to allow the customer to offer FDA. 

STOCKMEIER is delighted to have earned the company's business and will continue to maintain a long-lasting relationship utilizing their years of experience and knowledge in developing and manufacturing trusted PURe Solutions®.