High Performance Foamed Urethane for Heavy Duty Air Intake Filters

Published 3-7-22

STOCKMEIER Urethanes once again proves it has all the solutions for the filter industry, in one place. Four weeks ago, our team received a call for urgent assistance. The customer was suffering from poor support, supply limitations and quality issues from their current supplier.

The STOCKMEIER Urethanes team jumped into action. Quickly, we produced a production batch of our heavy duty, super tough filter foam system for air intakes that is proven and approved by numerous global filter manufacturers over the last decade. Self-skimming gives excellent moldable properties with very tightly controlled foam rise. This product ensures excellent elastomeric properties, part of a large catalogue of foamed urethane solutions for filter applications including cabin filters, foam in place gasket systems and semi rigid injection foams for HEPA.

Not only giving rapid delivery, the STOCKMEIER Urethanes team, as always, went above and beyond to share their many years of highly technical experience. A team was sent onsite to assist in every aspect of the implementation including the processing equipment set up, how to prepare molds, what release agents work best, and how to maintain consistency and efficiency. Within six hours, the customer was running and producing filters that in their words were, “the best filters they had ever produced, perfect”.

Come and talk to us. We will be at the FILTECH show in Cologne from March 8-10 and in Miami, Florida at FILTXPO March 29-31. We will be waiting for your inquiry and will gladly assist.

Polyurethane Foam for Filters