Elements of Success

Published 12-9-2020

Throughout STOCKMEIER Urethanes, employees give their all, day after day, to meet high quality requirements. STOCKMEIER Urethanes GmbH & Co. KG production employees Arnold Martinkat, Stobicast® Business Manager Armin Kahnert, and Key Account Manager for Adhesives Frank Steegmanns, knows that trust and a passion for the job is important to successfully meet these requirements.

At this year’s Bislett Impossible Games in Oslo, a renowned athletics meet, two new records were set on a Stobitan® track. News like this makes Arnold Martinkat proud: “Their use at notable competitions is a testament to the convincing quality of our products.” To ensure this is the case, a diligent approach is required above all, he says. This starts with the choice of raw materials and as always encompasses the regular monitoring of the individual production steps. “Customers trust us because they don’t get a botched job with us,” explains the production employee who has been working at STOCKMEIER Urethanes since 1995. The electrical industry is a particularly demanding customer division, Stobicast® Business Manager Armin Kahnert reveals. "Many customers from this industry have been buying from the STOCKMEIER subsidiary for decades which demonstrates great confidence and trust in the company’s quality promise", he says. “We have the dedicated teamwork of every department to thank for that,” he emphasizes. His colleague Frank Steegmanns is convinced that the employees’ freedom to make decisions further strengthens good customer relationships. “So long as we remain within the scope of the company’s overarching objectives, we can react to requests individually and flexibly. Our customers really value that.”

It’s about passion

The three colleagues truly care about the company and its products, which Arnold Martinkat finds to be “a really important aspect”. After all, your internal attitude affects your personal performance and with it, the company’s performance. When the production employee goes into retirement in around five years’ time, he will leave his successor with the following advice: “Conduct your work with love. It’s about real interest, passion. That’s what we at STOCKMEIER Urethanes are all about.”