Chemical Engineering with Stobicoll® F

Published 4-19-21

By: Ben Blundell, STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA, Inc - Business Director America’s, Cast Elastomers, Filtration, Electro

STOCKMEIER Urethanes were presented with a problem; how to take a flat piece of filter media and turn it into a hermetically sealed cylinder, without any long-term mechanical fixing or possibility of bypass? 

High viscosity paste materials did not work. They were expensive to process, and they did not penetrate the media enough to give the required adhesives strength. Liquids did not work either, they leaked away quickly, created waste, low repeatability, and a mess! With the knowledge of the chemistry and in-house equipment to apply and process, we rapidly developed the solution in the lab.

Thixotropic systems have been produced by STOCKMEIER Urethanes for filter applications since the mid 90’s. Initially, they began as a solution for sealing filter media into a plastic box frame by XY application.  Thixotropic systems give an initial flow to penetrate the media, wet out substrates, are fast reacting to a paste, but then retain the consistency of Mayonnaise as they cure. This makes them suitable for many types of filter sealing and bonding needs, especially where normal liquids would simply leak out through the gaps. These systems are especially suited for semi or fully automated lines for are a rapid sealing and bonding solution for filter applications.