Meet Stobi, STOCKMEIER Urethanes' Mascot

Published 8-16-21

Born from the very labs he now represents, Stobi is a smart, strong, funny little fellow who has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge. He’s friendly and never misses an opportunity to talk technology with anyone who shares his passion for polyurethane products and systems.

Always courteous, professional, and willing to help, Stobi is a go-to source for STOCKMEIER Urethanes' customers, communities, and employees alike. Using both traditional and cutting-edge tools to spread his knowledge, such as stickers, photos, and videos, he patiently assists anyone and everyone who needs him.

A top-notch athlete, Stobi never misses a chance to field test STOCKMEIER Urethanes' many sports and leisure products and has also been known to create a few innovative ideas of his own.  
As he always goes above and beyond for the company, Stobi enjoys being the face of community outreach programs where he assists STOCKMEIER Urethanes’ staff members with making a difference in the lives of others.

Always on the go, Stobi is driven by a constant desire to be the ultimate source of product information and communication.  He uses high-quality tips and tricks to educate people about STOCKMEIER Urethanes, its growth, and positioning as today’s leading PU company.