Karsten Warholm (25) breaks world record in 400m hurdles on a Stobitan® track system

Published 07-09-2021

In 2020, Karsten Warholm set a world record in the 300m hurdles at his home event at the Impossible Games in Oslo's Bislett Stadium. The two-time world champion completed the distance in 33.78 seconds.

On July 1, 2021, Norway´s star athlete competed at the Diamond League meeting in Oslo in hopes to beat the 29-year-old 400m hurdles world record time set by Kevin Young at 46.78 seconds in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics final. In August 2020 was Warholm‘s previous best time at 46.87 seconds in Stockholm.

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This year, his hard work paid off. Warholm managed to do what no one has done in almost three decades: beat the world record holder Kevin Young. With an incredible time of 46.70 seconds, he won the world record title and set a new bar in the 400m hurdles.

We sincerely congratulate Karsten Warholm on his outstanding performance and achievement! We are incredibly proud that we were able to contribute to this special event with our STOBITAN® SC track system.