Jean-Marie Rohmer, of STOCKMEIER Urethanes France, Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Jean-Marie Rohmer STOCKMEIER Urethanes FranceJanuary 9, 2021, we celebrate a very special employee for his 25th year anniversary with STOCKMEIER Urethanes France:

Upon completion of the acquisition of SNAD S.A. (known today as STOCKMEIER Urethanes France) in December of 1996, Jean-Marie Rohmer joined the company as its General Manager. He has since then presided over more than two decades of unprecedented growth in the business, employment, and factory size at our site in Cernay, France. During this time, he has not only been a successful and respected leader in our industry, but also at his local home community in Nordhouse (outside of Strasbourg, Alsace) while maintaining a lifelong passion for semiprofessional dog sports with his beloved shepherds.

"To me, Jean-Marie is not only an exemplary son, husband, father, grandfather, patriot and man, but also an entrusted confidant, and probably most important, a true friend. We have been very lucky to have him with us!", says Christian Martinkat, Chairman of the Executive Committee at STOCKMEIER Urethanes Group.

From all of us at STOCKMEIER, we thank you and congratulate you on your 25th anniversary!!