Clarksburg, West Virginia site invests in new production equipment

Published 7-20-21

STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA recently installed new ovens in the West Virginia manufacturing plant to expand their melting capacity. The ovens were placed in a location that streamlines the handling of materials. The companies involved who made this project successful were Digging & Rigging and LEWCO. Site employees, Cherilyn Woodland (Project Engineer) and Roger Stover (Maintenance Supervisor), made sure the project ran smoothly which was completed ahead of schedule.

New oven for melting products being delivered at STOCKMEIER Urethanes USANew ovens for melting products brought into the STOCKMEIER Urethanes USA productionsite

New Oven at STOCKMEIER Urethanes USAIn addition, a new automated pailing station was installed at the plant. The new equipment applies the labels, stacks pails on pallets, and stretch wraps. The design is both ergonomic and efficient for operators. Those who completed yet another successful project was SWS Packaging, Kinesys, and Cherilyn.